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House Insurance

If you are thinking about or have recently purchased a home, chances are you’ve heard of home insurance or homeowner’s insurance. This is a type of property insurance that covers a private residence from unforeseen disasters and incurred losses for various reasons. Ask us about our affordable house insurance. We have comprehensive and competitive rates!

Don’t get stuck without a home if unforeseen catastrophe hits. Our policies also protect the contents inside your home as well. Northern Lines Insurance can help you with all your home insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance

If you’re in need of commercial insurance you’ve come to the right place! Northern Lines Insurance in Fairmont MN has all your business, home, and car insurance needs in one convenient stop. Our rates are fair and our insurance agents on staff are highly trained to get you the best price for your needs.

From the moment of our first establishment, we have committed to providing the most affordable commercial insurance in the area. Call or visit us today for more information about any of our insurance policies.

Business Insurance

Insurance is a mean of protection against financial loss. If you are a business owner, you want peace of mind knowing your assets and employees are protected from unforeseen disasters and other contingencies. For these reasons, business insurance is an absolute necessity. For all your business insurance necessities, Northern Lines Insurance will be your ally along the way.

Since 2010, our skilled agents have worked to provide the best insurance for your business in the Fairmont MN area. We are committed to our clients and will make sure you leave happy every time.

Homeowners Insurance

If you are thinking about buying a home, homeowner’s insurance is an absolute necessity. Disasters can strike at any time. Human error can strike at any time. Make sure you, your home, and your possessions are protected! Ask us about our affordable homeowner's insurance. We have the most competitive rates around!

Don’t get stuck without a home if unforeseen catastrophe hits. Since our foundation in 2010, Northern Lines Insurance has made it our mission to go over all possible insurance options with you. Visit us today for more information on reasonably priced home insurance.

Auto Insurance

Just because it’s required, it doesn’t mean auto insurance has to be a drag on your finances. At Northern Lines Insurance, our auto insurance agents will go over all possible contingencies to find the best possible rates for you. We understand that no one wants to pay a dime more than they have to, and we treat our clients with that in mind.

Since 2010, our company has earned a reputation for its steadfast customer service and affordable auto insurance policies. For any questions regarding our services, call or visit today. We’re here to assist you in any way we can!

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